How being in Love Feels

I am in love, I am so in love. I’m so young but I genuinely am in love. You are probably thinking “who’s the boy?” “how do you know love at such a young age?” Well, I’m not talking about some boy, I am not talking about a 16 years old who has a maturity of a 12 years old. I am talking about life, being in love with life, my future, my present. That’s the greatest kind of love.

I hate how in this generation we put a false empathy of love. Love means so many things in the world but really it was created to mean one thing for so many different ideas. People say I love you too much; to boys who they have known for about a week, to situations that only last for a second, sometimes saying I love you is a way to break the ice in a new friendship.

Love was not made to be thrown out there. Don’t say I love you or I love this or even I love that if you don’t feel it in your heart. Not what you feel during a 2 week relationship, not what you feel in a situation at that time; love is more than just a second of your life. Love is when you are in an awful circumstance but you’re still smiling, love is when life has punched you in the face but you rise again, love is when a relationship has ended but that connection in the friendship is still so strong.

Being in love is not about the situation or the person; it’s about you. You can not love another person if you can’t grasp the love that is filled in your own life. So embrace it, take a minute and really look deep into your life. Is it really that bad? Are you telling yourself you really can’t find one lovely thing, or are you lying to yourself for the attention?

Be in love with your life, be in love with who you are as a person. Don’t let this world trick you into thinking it’s selfish. Being in love is awesome, I pray you experience the feeling one day.

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