Moving Forward; Acceptance

Hello boys and girls and welcome to my first ever series. Now, last night I posted a blog called “Moving Forward” and it was only a taste of what I really wanted to put out there. Instead of typing out a 30 minutes post that no one would finish reading, I will type out sections. Going through a recovery phase of my life at this moment, I hope my story will encourage you, to open your eyes, to brighten up life a little bit.

First step to recovery is acceptance, Accepting, the past, accepting the present, accepting what is and what isn’t. After a heartbreak or a falling in your life, you need to accept the fact that it has happened. You can’t change the past and being in denial or drowning in your own tears won’t help you in the long run. That doesn’t mean you can’t be sad, of course it will be sad to lose what you lost but don’t let the sadness define who you are.

Accept the now. Yes, things are hard and it might take even years to pick yourself back up again. I’m telling you now, the present is the place to live, to grow, to move forward. You can’t change what has happened but, you are in control of what can happen next. Will you accept things are tough and grow from the hardship? Or will you dig a tunnel of sadness for you to crawl in and hope the feeling will go away on it’s own? Your life. Your choice.

Choose life

Go kickass in life, I’m rooting for you