Moving Forward; Distract Yourself

Long time, no write; which is weird for me because I usually write everything I feel. Lately, I have felt nothing at all, like my pain was so deep that it numbed itself, weird right? These past few weeks have been getting hard and harder for me to move forward in life but somehow, a long the way lead to a peaceful place of prosperity.

How did the pain stop? How did I find an area in my life that is filled with peace? Having my mind do busy work.

When you are in the house all day, doing nothing, you do nothing to help you grow, help you recover. You mind wanders off into a darker place than you already are in which could lead to self harm or even suicide. For me, it was a Saturday afternoon and I decided I wanted to get away from the world and just watch movies all day. My mind went dark and I started crying and couldn’t stop, I questioned life itself that day.

I decided laying on the couch all day was not the best for me so, I started writing poetry. I always thought poetry wasn’t important and it’s all just rhyming. Discovering poetry became a huge part of my recovering, I even got to find something a little new inside of my heart. Prospering a new hobby for my mind to grasp on made the dark place a little lighter and the pain more bearable. Anything is better than sitting around moping around your house, find that new thing to grasp on to and let it take you to a lighter scene.

This is a great time to find what you love or don’t. What you like or dislike. What motivates you to get up everyday. What encourages you to keep going.

Distracting your mind could be anything from a new hobby to a new career, just try; trying is better than not trying at all. This “distraction” whatever it is for you will be found in your heart, where your great suffering is; seek it, it’s calling for you. Days will go by faster, the pain a little bit bearable, one step closer to recovery.

Go kick ass in life, I’m rooting for you