Never take life for granted

It’s been a hard week. If you have not heard on the new, a girl from my school, Alexa Flores, died from a car crash yesterday afternoon. It was a very sad day yesterday. I did not personally know this young lady but seeing the impact she made not only at my school, but all over America, is so beautiful.

It’s so weird to think about death, because you don’t actually think about it until it happens right in front of your eyes. I can’t even imagine what Alexa’s friends and family are feeling at this time; On Tuesday, she was laughing and smiling, on Wednesday she woke up not knowing what was coming to her, the smile and laughter was gone. Tomorrow is not promised and people need to understand that we don’t have time for hate, no time for negativity, no time for hardship because you never know when your smile will forever be gone.

Even thought yesterday was a sad day, it was also a beautiful one. I have never seen so many people come together for love before, it brought joy to my heart and joy in Alexa’s heart from above. There is so much love and support from people at my school, different schools, across the country. We have all finally united as one, like God planned the church to be like. I look at this situation like this; I lived in a dark world where bullying and judging people was cool but Alexa shined a light in my world that opened people’s eyes to love. Even though she is not with us, I know in my heart she is smiling down on us and the memory of her life will never be forgotten.

The message behind this story is; never take your life for granted. When you wake up, take time to be thankful that you woke up. When you see your friends and family for the first time everyday, hug them and tell them how much they mean to you. If you love somebody, tell them. If there is conflict, let it go. Break the silence and break the distance too. Laugh and cry and apologize and start again. This life is too short, so in honor of the memory of Alexa Flores, let’s join together in love and celebrate the great life she got to live.

May she rest in peace, Alexa Flores. March 6th, 2002 — May 3rd, 2017

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