Stop and Breathe

Religious or not, I want you to hear me out; have you ever felt that sudden calmness? When the world stops for a second and everything is just peaceful, the waves in your life settled, the darkness sparked a little light, the blindness you once had became a small blur. I don’t really know how to describe this feeling but, I know you know what I’m talking about. Religious or not you have felt this feeling before. Religious or not you can feel this feeling still. Religious or not.

Religious or not you have had a bad patch in your life, a chapter in your story you wish you could just rip apart; maybe it’s happening right now. Being a Christian doesn’t make life easier, knowing Jesus doesn’t mean I don’t fall. I believe there’s a God who gives a shit about you, your story, who you are. I believe He is that feeling, the light, the one who calms the storm. Religious or not, sometimes, this life becomes unbearable. Sometimes we need a break, it’s okay to take break, take a moment to breathe.

Last night, I had a tough battle to fight; addiction. I am five months clean but that doesn’t mean it’s not a war with myself everyday. I go on twitter to see a girl dmed me and it was an instant connection. Turns out she lost a friend that day, how crazy that she needed support and so did I and we met at the perfect time. Religious or not I believe we all get these “perfect moments”, where life stops and you can breathe.

Jesus is here, he is in these moments. When I look up at the sky to see a perfect blue or a perfect sunset, when I get a day to myself, when I get to learn something new about the world and who made it. To stop for a second and just breathe, this gives me hope.When I am hopeless I believe God gives me these perfect moments so that maybe, I chose to live my story a little bit longer. There is beauty in this world, stop for second and see it.