Let’s refer business to one another

I have this idea that if we all bought from one another it would be much better. I like the idea of buying from my friends and my friend’s friends.

For instance, I have a lady friend who sells clothes and she bought her cleaning products from me. I know another person who makes bakery items and later in time, I helped her to get her will done through my business.

Another person I know does web design and I paid her to design my personal webpage and a year or so later, she bought Identity Theft protection from me.

I look for people selling services or products that I am interested in. Sometimes I have to ask around. People will usually tell you who they know in the area you are needing a referral!

So one way to make this work is to let people know about your products and services. Let them know when you make a change, as well. You can keep in touch on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

This past Christmas, I made a Christmas card list. I did not get to the almost 100 names. I did not despair. I went to my 2017 calendar and circled a day each month for a season or holiday on which to continue corresponding with the people on my Christmas card list that might not have gotten a Christmas card. (Thanks, Holy Spirit, for that inspiration.)

So, Let’s refer business to one another not just for our own personal use but for our warm market too. :-)

Sincerely and

In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel

Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing

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Let’s refer business to one another!