Freewrite #2

Pain never lasts long. Why do I name it?

Fear never breeds peace, why do I feel it?

What becomes of the moment when everything became relevant?

Is it necessary for me to find light within the dark?

Is that pessimistic? If the light is there already, must I look for it?

Truly, why do I feel the need to experience what I know is not natural?

Who told me it was natural for me to be the object of someone else’s perception?

Who made me believe in something other than what already exists within me?

If I’m actually connected to the whole of existence,

if the world around me really is a reflection of my senses,

then why am I subject to what already exists?

If I can sense all that is, then am I not already both the subject and the object?

If I had an answer, would silence be acceptable in a world full of noise?

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