From Jan 20, that Trump became the president my anxiety sky rocketed.

A bit of a late response, but I agree with you intensely. Actively throwing your fellow man under the bus for the sake of “healing anxiety” is shitty, and I’m saying this as a long-time sufferer of anxiety. Because people like author didn’t vote, Trump is in office and every day is a hellhole for people like me and you. Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and isn’t affecting you. And votes DO make a difference. There were a bunch of states that lost by the exact margin of people who voted independent. Yes, it is your duty, it is beyond your personal feelings and circumstances. The news has always been a mess, but it was not this much of a mess during the Obama administration, even when Congress was being a complete buffoon and shutting down the government like a child having a temper tantrum.

For all his suffering, I find author has some real privilege that goes completely unchecked and without acknowledgement. I am black, poor, chronically ill, LGBT, and then some. The president’s healthcare bill wants to eliminate everything from covering wellness and mental health to covering ambulances, not to mention yesterday’s pre-existing conditions bombshell. The vice president is an advocate for conversion therapy. The country has become a more dangerous place for me since his election, and for my roommate’s family who have not all yet received their citizenship.

But yes, don’t vote because “anxiety”.

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