Now I’ve noticed I really need to improve my English skills for programming

I’m a Japanese programmer working in Japan and speaking in Japanese at work and no non-Japanese programmer is there.
Although, of course I usually use English to read documents of tools or frameworks at work since before, however recently when I start to learn of ‘Redux’, a JavaScript Framework, I was beaten by the documents.

Certainly I can read English sentences in so-so level. So I read the Redux documents and tried to use samples in many times. But it doesn’t make sense to me because I could not read the English sentences precisely.

I struggle to read them, and manage to understand concepts after 3 days. Then I was shocked because after I understand almost of all, I unhappily notice the most important thing of Redux is in the top of the documents. That’s amazing to me!

What I wanted to know were in the top of the documents as prominent but I didn’t notice that even not skimming them. I definitely read them. However it exists as prominent.
I understood the meaning of English sentences by reading many JavaScript codes.

If I could read English more precisely, I would get concepts of that faster.

Perhaps I might make myself understood for 30 minutes.

So I determined I use English more and more, and seal Japanese by being mute Japanese in twitter, deleting Japanese apps, forbidding to write blogs in Japanese, ignoring some Japanese friends, unsubscribing Japanese news and not using Japanese version of google.

This article is the first one to start this.

Thanks :)

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