How to Research and Optimize for Question-Type Queries to Boost Your Brand Search Visibility

You can features in Google Answer box and get ‘ZERO’ rank if you use these simple yet effective techniques.

Tool To Research:-

  1. Serpstat
  2. Answer The Public
  3. Bloomberry
  4. Quora
  5. Kparser

Tools to Optimize your content for Question Based Query:-

Optimize each page:

  • State the question verbatim on the page (It should be the title of the page, and / or a section heading, and / or an image alt text. Avoid keyword stuffing though!)
  • Answer that question in no more than two sentences (within one paragraph)
  • Below elaborate on the topic in a more detailed article
  • Focus on facts: numbers, years, place names (i.e. entities). Google likes accurate, specific answers
  • Structure your content well: Use lists, tables <table>, headings (h2, h3) and short paragraphs

Identify Current Easiest Opportunities:

To see your question-related queries in Google Webmaster Tools, go to Search Traffic -> Queries and there filter “Queries” by various question words you are researching. Keep “Position” checked because the higher the organic position, the better your chances to get featured in the Quick Answer Box):

Your next step will be addressing the copy and basic on-page elements of each ranking page to try and push it higher in search results and get featured.

Thoroughly research your niche answer boxes and related questions to discover more ranking opportunities.

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Cheers Nekraj

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