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A few short reactions:

  1. The Wolves should be a good team NOW with the players they have. No excuse, since they’re young but they’re not rookies. The Suns aren’t far behind in that respect.
  2. Kurt Russell below nails the Sixers’ situation.
  3. You Pelican fans make me giggle, then roll my eyes at your misplaced optimism. The Cousins-Davis experiment will not be “beautiful.”
  4. Harrison Barnes is a good player, but he has failed to show he can be the man for the Mavs this year. Again, he’s not a rookie, yet more often than not he has projected an image of leadership that his performance does not support — including some REALLY ugly fourth quarters of close games where he throws the ball away and/or throws up brick after brick. The bottom line is that when you are brought in to take the load off Dirk (as about ten players have been in the past ten years) and Dirk regularly outshines you even though he’s almost old enough to be your dad, you’re not getting it done.
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