A fistless of dollars

Not too long ago, I rode a bus to the middle of town. When I reached my stop, a woman — possibly homeless, based on appearance and demeanor — slowly climbed down the steps ahead of me. As she descended, unsteadily, a bag swinging from her forearm, numerous coins escaped her grip and scattered over a fairly large semicircle on the sidewalk.

Reaching the curb immediately after her, I started chasing and gathering her coins, hoping to contain their rolling radii. They were well launched, so this took longer than expected. As I approached the woman to reunite her with the coins, I noticed that she hadn’t moved to pick up a single coin herself. I confess to a small spike of annoyance.

The woman extended her hand to receive the coins. She didn’t have any fingers. She thanked me.

N.B. This story was originally posted on my website and is reprised here.

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