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Almost none of these scenarios make sense to me, other than as, “Ooh, another bright shiny object…” PG doesn’t fit where half of these proposals put him and/or the price is way too high. Just to pick one: Why in the world would Minnesota give up Zach Levine, not to mention Ricky, for one year of a second Andrew Wiggins on the court? To mention another: Who says the Spurs want Kevin Love? They’ve got David Lee, after all. Joke, but seriously, why would they when they can get, to use one example, Otto Porter for less than half the price? At least he’d give them youth, defense, and a bit more speed while fitting the solid citizen, humble Spurs stereotype. And I won’t even comment on the Houston suggestion, as I can’t understand it at all. It appears to be a proposal to give up the heart of the team for something or other that might be somehow better?

The only two that make sense to me are the proposals for the Jazz and Sixers. PG would be a very good fit in Utah, since he plays D and is versatile. And, although it seems like the Sixers have done enough swapping of pieces over the past few years to be content to sit this one out, PG is actually a good fit in Philly given the swap you propose. And the Toronto proposal is perfect — for Toronto.

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