Check Your “I Don’t Know” Privilege
Silvia Killingsworth

I can follow up my comment below with a very clear example of this paradox in my life. I play the Alexa Jeopardy game every day. It’s just six questions and I almost always get five out of six. I almost always miss the one that could be called the “pop culture” question. Yesterday, I missed two answers: Danielle Steele and a movie or TV one I can’t recall. Last week, I missed Justin Timberlake and The Walking Dead as answers.

I know who those people are and what those shows or movies are. I’m not a snobby “intellectual.” But I don’t know enough about them to be able to immediately summon them as answers to, what in retrospect, are lowest common denominator questions. I sometimes wonder if the one I got wrong is the only one a lot of people got right.

So am I arrogant or ignorant?

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