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I don’t know. I think the Warriors would be boring without Draymond Green. By that, I mean, he makes them worse, rendering every win a disaster averted and thus a bit more interesting.

He’s obviously a very smart guy, but I don’t think he’s that great of a basketball player. Imagine him on a team that didn’t have scorers to bail him out from his constant turnovers, technicals, antics, and bullying (of teammates and opponents alike). I don’t think anyone would consider him remotely a “top 10 or 15” player in the league if he played for anyone else. He’d be a cross between Tony Allen and Dion Waiters.

I also don’t buy that the Warriors are that good. They routinely throw enormous leads away, confident they’ll get them back. They usually do, but the lack of a killer instinct and addiction to winning close games that shouldn’t be close will doom them in the playoffs. Or maybe not.

Draymond and their lackadaisical overconfidence doomed them last year, so I don’t know why anyone would be surprised to see it happen again. I won’t be.

Thanks for the Steve Kerr stuff, Jason. He’s a great American.

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