Italians Have Already Seen the Ending to the Donald Trump Movie
Giulia Blasi

In August of this year, a columnist in a newspaper I read invited his audience to send their suggestions to answer the question: “Who is Trump like?”

I chose Berlusconi and sent what’s below to him. It’s nice to read your piece and get a lot more.

[This is from August, so the Trump doctor’s letter was not yet back in the news.]

Berlusconi is what I’ve been saying for months. A rich guy who plays by his own rules and somehow manages to hoodwink a reasonable percentage of the population of a relatively advanced and well educated country into buying into his lies, contradictions, buffoonery, and irrational reactions to everything. Heck, even their personal vanity is the same. Berlusconi was an older guy who insisted he was irresistible to young babes and surrounded himself with them (paying for them in many of the same ways, if not all of the same ways). Berlusconi dyes his hair. Berlusconi talks about how healthy he is. (Doesn’t anyone remember the comical doctor’s report Trump issued after his physical some months ago — something to the effect of, “healthiest guy I’ve ever encountered.”) Berlusconi’s projected (and eventually true) role for the judicial system was to promote his companies and protect him personally. Berlusconi’s desire to control the media (he ultimately did). Berlusconi’s reputation abroad as a joke.

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