Education System be damned!

The constant ringing of alarm, 
slowly penetrates her hazy, sleep muddled mind.
Eyes open and immediately closes. 
They open again. 
Blurred image of the opposite wall, 
a warm greeting...not!
Turns on her back to stare at the ceiling.
Blink blink.
Tick tick.
Five minutes turns to fifteen
and still no inspiration. 
No good reason or any real motivation
to get out of bed to face the day.
Or any other day for that matter.
The mere thought of the long hours 
made her let out a whimper.
A dose of dread shot through her
enough to leave her paralyzed
Tick tick tick tick tick tick...
Excuses churn and spew around her head.
Something she hadn’t used before.
Something believable.
How long can this go on? 
Not today. Nope. 
She forced herself out of bed.
and started out on her day. 


The first hour bell goes off
The piercing sound making her quicken her pace.
Stepping into the classroom, one step behind the professor.
Just on time.
Not sparing any glance at the first few rows,
her feet carries her to an empty seat in the back.
Her comfort zone. The invisible zone. 
The projector light blinks, the screen is pulled down. 
The lecture starts almost immediately. 
She tries to concentrate,
Blink blink!
As the time crawls by, the words seem merge together into a blurred mixture.
Her eyes droop. 
Her head sags, with burden of all the theoretical information. 
The loud voice of her professor jolts her awake. 
Her eyes downcast, glances at her phone.
Fifty more minutes to go. 
Time has never gone any slower. 
She watches the mouth move, 
almost in a slow motion. 
Kind of comical if you ask her. 
However, does not hear anything. 
Doesn’t understand anything. 
So the long hour goes,
her mind flitting in and out of reality. 


New faces fill the classroom.
A girl smiles as she takes a seat beside her.
She has seen this girl before, 
a faint flicker in her memory. 
Couldn’t really put a name to the face. 
She looks around, 
searching for any familiarity among the crowd. 
All seemed liked mere acquaintances.
How come in a classroom of sixty,
not one individual she could relate to. 
She pondered over the ridiculous notion, 
as she closely observed those around her. 
There sits the boy
whose life is run by rules and regulations. 
Look at him!
Sincerely writing his notes. 
Changing the colour of pens and even using the ruler. 
There, in the quiet corner, is the waning girl. 
Her red eyes shrunken to slits, 
her mind muddled in sky high. 
In the back bench is the beautiful boy whose music speaks better than words. 
A few rows to his left is the shy girl
whose world revolves around her boyfriend. 
She can never be any one of them even if she tried. 
"Is that a good thing?" she whispered to herself. 
A sharp nudge to her ribs made her look up 
to the penetrating stare of the teacher.
Taking a deep breath, she slowly stands.
Hush, hush of the whispers die down.
Suddenly all eyes are upon her.
A conscious heat travels up her spine 
at all the unnecessary attention.
Her ears turn red.
Heartbeat races ahead like a wild horse.
What subject is this even?
The faculty scoffs,
let an insult loose,
triggering snickers from the amateur idiots around.
Then, the moment is over. 
If it had been a few years back,
something akin to shame would have flit by.
An hour after another, the monotonous droning continues.
Her muscles hurt just sitting on the hard bench,
cramped together with her classmates. 
The slam of the duster,
screech of the chalk on board,
click clack of heels,
the constant ringing buzz of conversation,
shuffling of books,
closing of doors,
chime of the phone and
The loud ringing of the annoying bell. 
Add the pounding in her temples to the mixture,
she is mentally drained. 
Ah! There goes the last bell.


Walking slowly among the crowd,
she makes her way to the dorms.
One hand clutching her bag,
the other pushing her hair out of her face. 
She catches a glimpse of her reflection
on a car window.
Hair, a wild disarray. 
Blinking dull eyes and her clothes,
a sweating mess. 
She rubs her face and sighs. 
A sound depicting her disappointment and despodency.
She walk on
along the wide roads,
under the canopy of towering trees,
through the crowded canteen,
past loud gang members, couples in fickle relationships,
the loners,
then the stoners. 
Away from the catcalls and penetrating stares,
She walked on. 
Without a sound,
without retorting or replying. 
She goes up the numerous stairs, 
straight to her room and 
slowly sinks down onto her bed. 
Bone deep weariness engulfing, smothering and crushing.
Range of emotions rage within her, 
frustration being predominant.
Misty eyes downcast.
Small hands clenching the blankets. 
She doesn't understand such a reaction.
Closes her eyes and breathes. 
The suffocating weight of her thoughts slow.
However, not completely gone. 
They linger in the background. 
Sometimes haunt her dreams. 
Twisting and turning, 
2562 count of sheep later,
the scene in her head flickers 
and slowly fades out. 
Tomorrow...well, it is another day.

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