1st Update of 2019 for the E-Job Community!

  • Hello E-job community! The new year is here and our team is looking forward to being very productive, and making 2019 a successful year for E-job. We wanted to give you guys an update on what we’ve been working on, and also give a sneak peak of what the E-Job platform is going to look like.
  • Now, this image is not an exact replica of what the fully functioning platform will look like, however you can get the idea from it! Our developers are making very good progress on both the front-end & back-end aspects of the system. Take a look at the sneak peak below:

The E-Job platform:

Example of our platform
  • As you can see, the site will be very user friendly. Services can be easily found, and services can be easily provided- its an all around win-win for both parties. As we reiterated before, there will be no limitations on services that can be provided on the E-Job platform (as long as it’s nothing illegal ). You can search by category, industry, or even input your own search query to find exactly what you need. Other updates on development will be released soon!

- Other Updates ( Website & Marketing )

Members of the E-Job team on the website
  • E-Job unleashed its brand new website earlier this month. Many crypto websites today look like they’ve almost been copied and pasted from other crypto sites. Same design layouts, similar backgrounds, etc. There was no way ejob was going to take that route. Our graphic designers did an incredible job creating a unique website that really distinguishes E-Job from other crypto sites. We were very happy with the end product, and now live website and hope you are too!

- Marketing

  • We are currently completing all necessary tasks at the moment so that we can embark on our awesome marketing campaign we have planned. We’re not going to give you any dates or timeframes yet, however all we can say is that there is a lot going into this, and it will be very substantial. If your feeling a little “ancy”, just be patient because the future of our marketing efforts will most likely be very beneficial to our community. Ejob is committed to development of our platform, because without it what would we be marketing?
  • We understand $EJOB holder’s concerns, however just hang on tight, it will be here ( Patience Patience Patience 😉 )
  • Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, keep on rocking EJOB community.

Other Social Media:

- Telegram: https://t.me/Officialejob
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ejobofficial
- Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5028620