E-Job – The Ultimate Blockchain-Based Freelance Platform that Benefits Everyone Involved

E-Job is an all-inclusive freelance platform that employs a decentralized blockchain technology to connect buyers and sellers with greatest efficiency. It’s an ideal place for both freelancers and individuals who want to get their work done with utmost professionalism. Due to its all-inclusive services, it’s gaining ground among freelancers and businesses all over the world. With this platform, one can promote their skills or hire freelancers to do their job. It’s a complete package that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When it comes to security, the platform employs a multi-layered security approach to keep all the potential frauds and scams at bay. So anyone using this platform can rest assured that all of their personal information and funds will be safe. Users from all over the world can join this platform to buy or sell services. The user interface of the platform is also very simple and intuitive that even people with less tech knowledge can understand the whole platform. It utilizes a one of a kind, decentralized dispute handing system, which, unlike other traditional dispute handling systems, is handled by the community.

The team at E-Job is very committed to taking freelancing industry to the next level. Their mission is to unite the entire world on a blockchain based system to add more convenience and innovation to people’s lives. They encourage everyone from IT professionals to freelancers to join their platform to work together. They are currently working very industriously to make this platform even better. Their team is comprised of professional IT experts, marketing managers, business analysts, back-end developers, project managers, and solution architects. What makes this platform stand out from its competitors is that it offers low fees together with the highest level of security and transparency.

The E-job token will be used to support the entire E-job network. Users can use these tokens to perform a number of different activities such as executing transactions on the platform. Any registered user can exchange E-job token to accomplish the transaction. The E-job tokens are scheduled to be listed on the Stex Exchange on 15–11–2018 so there will be a earlier swap that will take place on the 14–11–2018.

We also plan to introduce a new option on the platform to facilitate people investing in micro loan in order to create more new businesses in third world countries.

E-job is all about innovation and advancement. In our current system, the professionals and freelancers will be connected through blockchain to share their views and participate in creating better, and more advanced systems and technologies.

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