I’m Fierce All By Myself.

This really is going to be plain and simple. I’m becoming a developer. It’s my third week in and I haven’t reached levels of “Holy, World of Warcraft, Jenell! You just made the best thing on the interwebz!” I can make games, loops, logic, animations, and pretty great mock-ups which is splendid for only being three weeks into a coding boot camp.

What does bug me, and rightfully so, is that there are people, when stuck on some bit of code they need to write will seek me out to ask me if my boyfriend (who happens to be a developer) can help them.

This is not my boyfriend’s code.

I work hard. I write pretty great beginner code. I work harder. I write copious amounts of horrendous beginner code. I work three times as hard. My boyfriend is my cheerleader and is not my JavaScript guru. That’s it.

I’m going to need people to understand that WOMEN WRITE CODE TOO and have created innovative games or designs (Jade Raymond), got people on the moon (Margaret Hamilton — and by hand, no less), or literally wrote the first code in the history of ever before computers actually ever existed in the first place (Ada Lovelace)!!!!

All frustrations aside, I truly hope that I can become a great developer and own my role in the tech community, however small. I am a woman. I hope to work alongside wonderful, powerful, and self-sufficient women who are making a name for themselves in the tech world through their works and achievements. I want to meet female hackers, gamers, IT specialists, developers, engineers, and scientists who make it a point to be the best they can be and always strive for more because they are their own critics.