But seriously…

On Working with Humans.

Now that my title is absolutely GINORMOUS

We were assigned a project for the weekend at the Iron Yard. Twas a group project. I like people. Sounded like a good deal. Turns out, after spending this past month becoming one with my laptop and asking my peers questions but generally being the commander in chief of my own work — it’s kind of hard to relinquish some control.

It’s weird. I would have never thought that working in a group would prove a challenge. I honestly thought, “Well, we will delegate responsibilities and we’ll both be able to have an actual weekend for once! I’ll do my part as soon as I’ve got the template for what the project should look like in HTML and CSS.” I don’t think that worked for me at all. I wanted to know where the project was going, what it was going to look like, what we needed it to look like at the current stage, what the color scheme was supposed to be, if we were going to do anchor tags or pages or both, if we wanted four of this or three of that and when, and when, and when.

What I learned from this assignment about myself is that I need a structured working environment. I need deadlines. Most importantly, I learned that I excel under pressure and thrive on challenges. Working remotely was a huge challenge for me and I’m glad I learned what I learned. I also learned that I prefer to work with people that work at the same pace as me or faster because I have an endgame: the faster and more efficient I learn and complete code, the faster I can enjoy the time I have with my family.