Feminism today

I hate when men around me tell me that I am not a feminist. What do you think is a feminist? A woman who goes around nipple-free in order to fight against the burqua? Or a woman who constantly talks about wage inequalities or lack of women in the tech industry?

Well, let me tell you that I am a feminist. And I truly believe that not being a feminist is not an option for me and it shouldn’t be for anyone either. Being a feminist is to simply think that women are as capable as men, as intelligent and as strong. That men are not like this and women like that.

It is to recognize that society, culture and wealth will influence what a woman will do, way more that the fact that she has a vagina and not a penis. I am a feminist because I believe that there’s no difference between me and a man.

And I decided that I should inspire women around me. Today that is what a feminist should do. A feminist today has to work, raise children, get an abortion, a divorce and be surrounded with many girlfriends. It is to work against the clichés that say that women can’t work and have children, can’t be pro-life and decide when or not to give birth and can’t be as unfaithful as a man, or as homosexual as a man.

I am sad to hear women around me saying that it’ll be aweful to work with other women, that women who succeed are bitch, that women can’t have a career and a family life, that women can’t be beautiful and smart, that women can’t be happy.

I am a feminist because I will dedicate my life to show you that this is not true. I will go over my own aspirations to show you that you are wrong. But I will demand you also to do the same. Because I want to be surrounded with women. Because I feel more confortable in a workplace full of women. Because I don’t want to feel like an exception. Because we fought to get access to studies, jobs, recognition; now it is time to study, work, get seen and enjoy it! And it is time to bring a change to the system. Time to bring some fresh air to places where there’s a lack of non-white guys. And white guys will be very happy, I can swear. This is not funny for them either to be surrounded with their clones everywhere.

And imagine going to work and see the open space full of women, all beautiful in their own style, hearing their voices, their laughs. Listening to their conversations about anything and everything. Imagine how beautiful it will be to feel like you’re back in primary school where there were as many girls as boys and everyone was different because they just were and not because of their gender.