If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

It seems so simple to live a simple life. There’s this romantic notion I have of living 50 miles outta town, having no cell service, making my own way. But then I remember when real life calls that simply, sometimes, just isn’t.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, we have to work harder than ever just to slow down. We are always “on” and our work weeks are getting longer (and anxiety is getting higher) because of it. We are living in a culture where we value the level of our success by how ‘busy’ we are. It’s bullshit.

But how do you make your first attempt to kick it down a notch, without sacrificing your work ethic and social life on the side? Balance my, friends.

In our home, we have:

Digital sunset: from 7:30pm- 7:30am, we set aside at least one hour each evening and morning of undivided time with our family without phones.

No phones with meals. Whether we are at home or eating out, it doesn’t matter. No phones at the table.

No phones in bed. Besides stating the obvious that it’s not very sexy when your partner is more engaged with a screen than you, screen time before bed kills your sleep cycle. The bed is a sacred place for rest and… not resting.

Seems easy enough, right? Establishing boundaries is, however, always adhering to them is another story. Do we break the rules on occasion? Yup. We’re still human, after all. There are some nights that you’ll need to prepare for the next days pitch or even catch up on the weeks overflow and that is life as we know it these days. I get it. But just even having a few mindful tech habits in place that you can go back to is incredibly helpful for a work-life balance. Try it, find what works for you.

Who knows, you might even like it slow.