Simple tool for personal goal settings

Do you know how strong organizations work? They write plans for the future and go towards them it is called “Strategic planning”. In the simple words, they create a plan for example for 3–5 years and settle what they want to achieve in those 3–5 years. It is based on the mission and vision of organization. Then should be written steps for each year with the goals that set by SMART goal settings.

When organization begins the work they review what was done every half year and make sure they are on the way to achieve set goals. It is also important to monitor the work done in order to correct organizations development (every half year). There are three ways: organization understands that it is not the right way to go and corrects development direction; they understand that goals very slowly achieved and update plans; they modify goals based on the gained experience.

It is such a simple and clear instrument on the achievement of certain goals that can be applied for personal goal settings. Why do we need it? Sure, it is much easier to live without any plan and it’s cool to live spontaneously, but it is applied not for everyone. Some people search for the meaning of their life and it is a great tool to make it. It is also applied for your dreams. To make them more then desires and come true. Dreams don’t work unless you take action.

And at the end motivation quote form Earl Nightingale also named as the “Dean of Personal Development”, hope it will work for somebody :)