You’re an obviously a cruel person Kris, but has it also occurred to you that your are, perhaps…
Brendan Thompson

Brendan Thompson

Was it plain that she knew she would be let go? The way she responded to it seemed like she was wrongfully termed, but in reality if you air internal troubles like that, how could they trust you?

Everyone has struggles, and I’ve met people that pay rent and support their children and are GRATEFUL that they have their job. Sometimes 6 months,1 year etc you have the opportunity to get promoted into another position, but that depends on individual performance. I’ve learned showing loyalty to where you are goes a long way. If the job isnt for you, find out what is and go for it, but dont go complaining like that, ask for donations since you lost your job and expect something.

theres a difference between talking about your struggles and bashing a company you are working for and blaming them for lack of $$. Companies pay based on experiences, work your way up.

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