Nelson’s Poetry

It was a war in spring

when David the king

Set Joab and mighty men

Far as Rabbah to make an empty den

But Dave stayed behind

That evening

He wandered wondrously

Up the roof of the palace

There, he saw

She who bathed

in purity

She’s Bae!

“Go find her out”, he says

“She is Bathsheba, wife of Uriah”

“So, go get her”, he commands

Then, they laid

And she was full

She sends word

“I am pregnant”

Dave sends for Uriah

In deceit to lay

That night with Bathsheba


At the entrance Uriah did sleep

Dave heard and was cruel

Why would the ark lay in tent

And I’m merry?

Uriah asks.


The morrow comes wth your death letter

And your hands shall deliver them

In the fore, he dies

Dave hears

Sin covered

Wife mourns

New Couple

The fruits of the rooftop encounter

Will drop on your head someday

Inspiration: 2nd Samuel 11:1-end

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