How To Fight Fascism
Mike Monteiro

You are so, completely and utterly, ridiculous! In fact, you did not win the election nationally; you lost it nationally. You won it only locally, notably in California. If you take the California vote out of the results, Trump won the popular vote nationally by a million and a half votes. And many of us out here in the real world would not be at all upset if California would opt to exit. I did not vote for Trump; I am a Libertarian, I voted for Gary Johnson, and I am not at all thrilled that Trump was elected. But I am relieved that Mrs. Clinton will never appoint any justices to the SCOTUS. I would however like to echo what so many have already told you here, before me, and that is: you really don’t have a clue what fascism was, do you? Have you ever actually read any history? You should try it. It is a little bit disconcerting that someone who apparently does have the power to influence (at least a few) people could possibly be so ignorant of history (not to mention reality), but I don’t expect I will be reading any more of your “work.” I am done with you. I have already forgotten your name. Perhaps you should try your hand at authoring children’s books?

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