The Clock
Marcin Wichary

What a lovely essay, thank you.

So the thing that drives me crazy about this clock is how the second hand doesn’t precisely track the dots on the dial. The VHS video shows the tracking error; at 12 seconds the hand is a little slow, at 45 seconds it’s a little fast. I think it’s consistent with the axis for the second hand being a little above center but may not be exactly that, I’m not sure.

Your Javascript clock is also a little off, but it’s not quite the same; at 12 seconds the hand is a little fast. I don’t see anything in your code that’s deliberately putting that offset in and it’s not quite consistent. What’s going on?

My comment is the most trivial of things, but I know you have an eye for this kind of detail and I thank you for sharing my OCD with me.

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