Why do I like a band’s decade-old album better than their new one?
Alan Parish

Though I didn’t even know about Kerith Ravine before reading this, I mostly agree with you — Pretend You’re Alive is a special album, and it’s kind of been downhill for Lovedrug since then. But you’ve left one part out — what about the three EPs, parts I, II, & III, before Wild Blood was released? Coming off of Sucker Punch Show, which I REALLY didn’t like, the EPs reignited my love for a band I didn’t think I cared about anymore. Sure, they aren’t as good as PYA, or maybe even ESWIE, but I do think they show some great breadth and experimentation. Each one has its own unique flavour while still remaining consistent and distinctly Lovedrug. It’s too bad, then, that Wild Blood was a let down… Some of the EP songs that made the studio leap to the LP lost a lot of their rawness and heart, and I much prefer the “demo” versions. My two cents.

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