A brief look at the past……Reflecting on the Present

Can’t speak about the present without giving a little context on the past. A few years ago was my first foray at startup life when my best friend and I started NanoTechnostics, Inc. It was the best of times, and the worst of times. We had a great concept; we had won business plan/startup competitions, had two patents pending, and had been accepted into LI Comets accelerator program. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and we had close up shop.

The next six months weren’t great; I went in a bit of a downward spiral. I lost my drive and didn’t really know what I was going to do next. I was selling cell phones and working as an RA at an international school, my life was in a total standstill.

I can’t emphasize this part enough, if it wasn’t for the LOVE and SUPPORT of my FAMILY and FRIENDS, I would not be here writing this today.

I began to apply to jobs looking for a way to get out of my slump. After 4 months I got my opportunity. After a phone and in person interview I had the pleasure of working for RevPoint Media! In the months that followed I learned so much, and was able to get my confidence back, working in Business Development. It was also during this time I connected with the Next Gen Summit! I was able to attend their inaugural conference in Austin TX. Hands down one of the best conferences I have ever attended! It inspired me to go out and attack some side projects to start my own company again!

Two weeks ago today, I left my fulltime job to work fulltime as the CEO of Norsu Tech. We are a Full Service Dev Shop, that was founded in Early 2016! We service multiple industries providing web development, app development, and custom software solutions. With a diverse team of male/female developers we have offices in New York and Ecuador.

I couldn’t be happier, at this moment I am working my own hours and connecting with people in different industries. Most recently we began to work in the ever-growing Cannabis Space developing proprietary software for the industry. I am happy to connect with others and help in any way I can. I hope you follow my journey, video blog coming soon!

Check us out at www.norsutech.com