My Recent Learning Experience: The Challenge

One of the recent learning experience that has been challenging was learning how to code with a PHP MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework called Laravel.

My Background

I was a PHP developer who have been accustomed to the procedural way of writing PHP codes. I mean I write all my functions, database connection,queries, scripts,HTML all jam packed in a single file. I mean just one file! You know how lengthy the lines of codes will be.

Why the challenge?

As an employee in an IT firm, the major requirement for me as a PHP developer was to learn a PHP MVC framework (Laravel) and this has to be learnt within the space of few weeks to solve a client project that has to be delivered within a limited period.

As technological need arises due to the increase in websites daily, web developers realize the need to implement separation logic i.e. the logic of the application has to be separated from the display.

The Challenge!

Diving into MVC from the procedural programming was like a new world entirely, The folder structure was cascaded in such a way that you open several folders inside other folders and the question is how do I get what am looking for? This was different from the normal folder structure am use to.

Confronting the challenge through Feedback

How do I go from here? I have to start searching for resources that can accelerate learning by downloading helpful tutorial videos, books from the internet, read Laravel documentations, having a discussion forum with other developers who are more knowledgeable than me in Laravel and also reading related social blog posts, with this I was able to get feedback which was used in solving the assigned task.

Solution on the go!

As the process of learning was taking place, I was also giving myself a self assessment by starting with a simple task e.g. A To Do Application and also applying this solution process as a basis to solving tasks and roles I was given to by the project manager. With all these I started stretching my muscles which makes me a better developer day after day. I was able to meet up with the demands, write simpler PHP codes and organize my folder structure into the Model-View-Controller which gives my coding a better design pattern.

What fueled my courage engine?

The effective utilization of feedback coupled with the “I can” attitude drives me on despite the challenges in time, complexity of folder structure etc. I maximized the resource tools and feedback I gathered to solving the problem.

Amazing Story!

The creator of Laravel PHP MVC framework (Taylor Otwell) was a person who never read a book on PHP.

Nelson is an aspiring world class Software Engineer with a positive mind who doesn’t believe in impossibility.

Thanks for taking your time to read through my post.

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