My Journey into the world of programming

wow, its been really an amazing journey, trying to learn new things, It was really a rough journey.

I began having interest way back when i was a junior high school student, i had never had opportunity to get a personal system, and everything seems strange to me, seeing how things works, the miraculous and amazing things a computer can do. I was really surprise how code like this

can do amazing things when run on the web browser, i felt it magic, and i kept wondering how, where, and how is it possible to use some gibberish stuff i don’t understand that turns to make sense and end up becoming something that i use. Have always wanted to have a feel and get the scene behind what makes up a website that i use often, have always felt probably its a language of genius, so it really looks crazy.

I don’t have a choice, have always love to become an engineer, but seeing how smart it seems to me to learn the mystery behind the word called “Coding” how the computer can understand and process those crazy stuff.

My journey of the unknown began, I basically had no idea of what am doing, where to get resources from, who to meet up to help me understand the dilemma i was facing. There’s a saying that says “The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”.

I know what i was about doing was way bigger than me so i really need to start small and find out the secret behind it. I began going through cyber cafe, since i had no internet access and a personal computer i can use doing my leisure time in beginning my adventure to the unknown.

On my research in trying to get answers, i stumbled upon BLOGSPOT, a blogging tool where i can use to create my own website, because i was really passionate about having a website and also to find out how website works, i decided to work around it and see if i can be able to understand and also find out what is behind it. I stumbled on some awesome websites such as Bbloggertutorials, 24work that got me started in learning how i can use blogspot in building my own website. it was awesome, it seems i was really close to the end of my mystery. Going through series of research i ended up creating a blog called The young achievers group

I became the most happiest man on earth, because i can build a website, i felt like a king. lol, but that didn’t still solve anything, i still didn’t understand how come, how was i able to do that with just blogspot, i was thinking probably all website was built that way, so i felt my assumption and doubt was totally wrong about programming, probably those code i saw was just meant for the Genius to understand alone, i never bothered, so i sticked with my blogspot.

Just like what Tom Stoppard said that “Every exit is an entry somewhere else.”

I got deeper with blogspot and i didn’t like the feel of the website so i needed to change it and see how i can do some customization on it, so i went online to get some free template i can use, then i stumbled on this

and i was like what the heck is this again, the mystery and nightmare became more bigger than i can given imagine. i saw a new code i haven’t seen before in my life. because i believe for me to do awesome customization of my blog to look good and stand out i need to learn how to manipulate those codes to favour my needs.

Nightmare 1 begins

Since i had no prior knowledge of coding, i went online again for help, i got amazing help from different blogspot tutorials, it basically didn’t show me how to code it from scratch, what i was doing was copy and paste and changing codes i never understand what it does. Well, even though i didn’t understand what i was doing i know i ended up achieving this

Basically i don’t know how i did this, but i felt am on top of the game, feeling like a developer, that am not. i got appraisal from friends, family, that alone triggered my interest and burning desire in learning and going deeper into it.

Even though i did achieve that, that didn’t stop my question and nightmare on how i achieve that. I kept searching for answers, answers that can cause a relief within me.

There’s one thing i understand through my process of finding out an answer to my mystery and nightmare that “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” — Louis L’Amour

Even though i was still in topsy-turvy, i still want to understand and find out the whole aching and daydreaming problem i was facing. hearing young people below my age doing amazing thing with “Coding” got me wondering, asking myself series of questions, about “Are they genius”, i really want know and i believe most of you out there are also curious in finding same answers.

Find out the secret in my next post

to be continued……….

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