What happens in White Parties
Alcohol, drugs and sex are common scenes associated with the much hiked white parties among teens. Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi and even to the upcoming towns such as Kisii, the craving is real and many teenagers mostly university students host such parties. The latest road carnage has brought to scrutiny what transpires in these white parties.
As early as Thursday evening, varsity gates are thronged with big cars that pick female students in turns. They carry big handbags loaded with extra clothes, inner pants, and pair of shoes, make up kits and perfumes. At around 10pm in the evening they arrive in plush cars dressed in the color theme “white “from head to toe.
Ladies dress scantily to attract men who are usually the sponsors of these parties. Men on the other hand remain composed in their dressing. At around midnight the party kicks off as all the invited persons have arrived. Having had their supper from their respective hotel rooms they straight away place order for alcohol.
Expensive drinks and sweet scented “shisha” are displayed on all the tables. It is also at this hour that they start their drinking competitions as they cheer each other. On emerging victorious one is gifted to dance with a lady of his choice or a man of her choice irrespective of their age.
The two (The victor and one person of his /her choice) then open the dance floor with a special dance and later joined by others who are in the dancing mood. They dance and drink until they are fatigued and are in no position to move their muscles. Pretending to be cautious they are carried by men to their seats.
There is a complete U-turn towards dawn as the party maniacs who come in groups of five to three are seen confused. At around dawn they start getting intimate and the few who are lucky enough to get rich men with cars are driven to nearby guest houses. The others who are left behind since all the men have vanished with most of the pretty ladies are forced to take a cab back to their hotel rooms.
The parties which have taken Kenyans by storm are among the top in Switzerland and are largely associated with gay. They are unique events aimed to invoke the time-honored elements of a clubbing hideaway duly fashioned into an ultramodern culture and fashion show.
The gay community is known for the circuit party which is similar to White Party and it is just one of a hundred such events that take place around the country and hundreds more around the globe. In New York, the party was first held at the legendary private gay disco "Flamingo" on the Presidents' Day weekend.
The white theme was derived from the snow often to be found at that time of year. It was then adopted by the East Village disco "The Saint" during the month of February of each year usually coinciding with the full moon.
Dress requirement was always white. After the closing of "The Saint" in 1988, it became the norm for other cities around the world.
Today, campus folks, artists, circuit boys to electronic dance lovers and all time celebrities and comedians organize these events in major towns. The robust entertainment industry has raised a party craving generation with moral stray with many taking up the sector a full time career.
Young ladies after weekends out of campus find their way in to classes in timely tired looks with the same handbags they had been spotted leaving with.
Major concern to parents ,who remain astonished by the misfortunes that their daughters and sons plunge them into after making lifetime investments into their academic discourse that is shuttered on night outs with friends in parties.
Killings, robberies and murder incidents have been reported during these events with cases of murder being on the rise in higher learning institutions being associated with drug and substance use.


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