Unpopular Blockchain Opinions

As part of the “one like one [insert whatever you want commentary commitment]” thing on Twitter I posted the following:

I don’t have hundreds of unpopular opinions on blockchain/cryptocurrency, or anything for that matter. I did manage to rant for over sixty tweets. At the suggestion of multiple people I have compiled the tweets into this post. I tried to organize them thematically as best I could.

The Ideas

Here’s the link to the Downtown Josh Brown article referenced in that Tweet. Talk about a meeting of the minds. Wow.

The People/Projects

Here is the meme in question originally posted by Neeraj K. Agrawal.





There’s a ton of excellent and well thought out responses by people in the thread. I tried to respond to some. The fact that this resonated as much as it did is very encouraging. People in this space are rightfully very excited, but not completely delusional. Well, not everyone. Regardless, I love following along with all of this, and doing what little I can.