Interesting attributes about my Team mates

The journey of becoming a developer is not a smooth road. Some times git will fail to update remotely, python will always throw you errors that you have not come across. When this hits you all you need is a reliable peer. Somebody with the right approach to solving. This is the second time I am on the same team with Tomusange Henry. And just as before, Tom has again been a reliable team mate when it comes to fixing some errors. He will try hard to find a solution if you confront him with a problem.

Job interviews are not for the weak. Zack Atama’s strength has always given me a positive attitude towards my journey of becoming a phenomenal software engineer. He is one of the few strong people I have met in this world that have thanked me for not giving up on my ambitions and has always pushed me to go for it no matter what.

When you are new to programming and the whole dimension of writing code, all you want to achieve is to make it work the way you “think it”. That is when a supportive LFA comes into play. Somebody to mentor you and prepare you for the future. For the few times I have interacted with Jude Kajura, I have seen a supportive mentor. Somebody who watches over you to make sure you moving in the right direction. That is what every newbie needs to have for them to be able to grow into phenomenal developers.