Sowmya Gopal

Hari Om !!

I am not in this study group but the topic of the Raw allowed me to write my perspective of Deepawali(Row of lights) Festival.

Bhagwan sri ram(Joy) came back to Ayodhya( peaceful state- where there is no mental struggles) after 21 days from lanka ( struggles state when desires arise). People welcome bhagwaan Sri ram ( Joy) by lighting the lamp ( knowlege). Meaning — without knowledge we can not have joy and peace.

First we clean the surface and lit the lamp or Diya because cleanliness is next to bhagwaan, same way knowledge ( devi saraswati ) can not sit and stay without cleaning of old rotton garbage of thoughts. Self development is good way to call it.

Purity of mind is Diwali cleaning. Lighting the lamp is making light of knowledge ( self knowledge )awaken with prescribed aid by shashtras revealed by sri guru mukh…….only will have to do cleaning the layers of so many births. Then permanent joy:- bhagwaan sri ram can be there forever.

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