Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

  1. If we listen our scriptures properly with its correct meaning then only one can act accordingly. Some time impurity of mind takes out the wrong meaning and result can be adharma. That is why a sadguru is needed. Shravana is knowledge (Gyan) done properly and absorbed then seva (service) is its Application ( practice)
  2. They are- thoughts, speech, action. The knot represents the brahmagranthi, means tied with brahman. These three should be integrated. If thoughts are noble then you have wisdom in words, then you act as you say and become.
  3. This is my favorite question among all-

Our parents are our first guru who taught us or put the seeds for all the virtues to grow and flourish for our better life.

  1. Acknowledging their sacrifices and hard work, are uncountable, more often. Develop the courage to tell them sincerely and be thankful.
  2. Making an amount of time for them is the biggest gift from my point of view and experience. Listening them without judging, patiently (complains about their body pains and so many other things ..) without correcting them and without solutions is one of a greatest sadhna.
  3. Very important — In spite of listening complains about ourself — looking the affection behind it and not thinking bad about them. They are the most caring people who can feel pain in our pain.


To invoke the joy-

Mantra mulam gurur Vakyam …- It covers everything. Guru’s advice, teaching will surely take us now or later but towards ultimate source of joy.

Guru says read scriptures get right knowledge and reflect. Then dedicate yourself for karmayoga with right vision. All are the responsibility of a dharmik person. ( Responsibility)

Guru says start living consciously and make a U turn from here NOW, don’t waste the precious time if goal is clear. ( Priority)

Guru Shows how should be living the life as a role model. ( Dharma)

Guru Shows the difference between Need and want. Less cluttered mind becomes pure. ( Purity)

Guru tells Bhagwaan is in everyone, develop the vison of equanimity and perform every responsibility as a iswararpana buddhi — prasad buddhi. ( Adapt, accept)

To evoke the Joy

To evoke the Joy- Disciplined life is necessary. It makes mind pure and then more knowledge absorbed, more time to study scriptures and to practice all those virtues from lower level in daily transactional life.

Make paper boat and leave in the running water and watch it.

Listening the chirping of the joyous birds early in the morning around 4:30am when silence make their sound more beautiful.


Lower level- No comparison. Every soul is unique and lovable in different ways.

Appreciate everyone’s work.

Develop the habit to think about self development and devote time in bhagwwan more.

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