Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Superman- comes with the word “ Given”. Here Power given as a boon.

Superhero- comes with the word “ Gain”. Here Power of Virtues, gained by getting over with worldly struggles and one’s own efforts, sacrifices, selflessness, serving to mankind with humility. Just like our pujya gurudev and Pujya Guruji.


Valmikiji was more inclined towards dharma in Ramayana( sanskrita)- how one should follow his responsibility correctly/properly in order to have good society. But he was feeling that core part was missing was compassion and respect for each other. Decided to incarnate as Sant Tulsidas and completed in ramcharitmanas ( Avadhi)- which was sweetly wrapped with compassion and Bhakti, in all relations as well as for Guru.


  1. Sadguru is fully bloomed flower with beauty and fragrance. He is “Jitendriy” or who has a control over five senses completely, and therfore happiest, take their qualities and spread wherever they go.
  2. Like a lotus grows in muddy pond but not get affected by mud same like sadguru lives in the world without getting attached with anything.
  3. sadgururu’s compassion is soft like petals of lotus.


Gyan and Guna are like similar word yet there is difference. Second one is depend on first one, it is paralyzed or incomplete without the first one.

Gyan- Knowlwdge- Intellectually knowing the theory.

Guna- Quality- Actually applying the knowledge.


To become Mahaveera one has to be —

Ranveera- Unshaken in the world

Dharamveer- Responsible

Daanveera- Generous

Vidyaveera- Knowledgable

Dayaveera- Kind

If one can surrender and incline his mind completely toward Bhagawanji then he is Paramveera.

Did not read anyone’s responses. Hari Om

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