Bhagavan live in my heart
Yatin Dullabh

Little late to share thoughts/practice experience :-

This Raw came out from munivar suteekshnaji boon’s he asked bhawaan sri ram. It’s beautiful section in aranykaand. Suteekshaji is jnani and he knows only parmatma bhakti is going to naurish the Jeeva.

दिसि अरु बिदसि पंथ नहीं सुझा ……

he is in “bhav Samadhi “ and bhagwaan’s prem suteekshna ji forgot everything even his awareness of body. He reached to highest state of bhakti : prema bhakti. It can take to the Bhav samadhi.

bhagwaan was pleased to his bhakti prem and asked him for boon, he replied whatever you want to give me. Bhagwaan loaded the boon with : gyan, bhakti , vairagya etc all. Then he said whatever you wanted to give , already gave me but please give me that what I want to request —

अनुज जानकी सहित प्रभु चाप बान धर राम।

मम हित गगन इन्दु इव बसहुं निहकान ॥

he bhawan please in this roopa, ( Vanwaasi) with lakshamji and seetaji always stay in my heart like a bright moon. I should never forget you. Always I can see you in my heart.

I’ve read this part 3 times and enjoyed a lot. In hindi translation of sri ramcharitmanas by pujya sri swami shankaranandaji : he wrote : “ Getting a boon from Knowledge, bhakti and renunciation is absolutely very big but greater boon is :- always bhagwaan’s presence in the one’s heart, can not possible even a moment ,forget the bhagwaan.

This is going to be my lifetime practice. I could not find any greater/highter raw for myself till now, which moved me a lot by making me still with happiness. Reminded me doha of sant kabeer ji:-

Kasturi kundal base, mrig dhoondhe van maahin|

aise ghat ghat raam hain, duniya dekhe naahin ||