2018 BMW i7 — the next hybrid

Ever since BMW released the i-Series of cars rumors started spreading about an i-Series sedan. So far these have been nothing but rumors but things could change in the near future. More and more manufacturers are trying to compete with Tesla and so far few have been successful.

In the near future two large manufacturers will release competing models with Audi and Porsche both trying to get ahead. However, it seems that BMW might also be working on a project. This car doesn’t have a name so far but many think it might be showcased as the 2018 BMW i7.

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The car is expected to become their first high-range electric sedan. However, unlike Tesla, or even Audi and Porsche for that matter, BMW is expected to release a range-extender model and not an all out electric car. This is a great compromise as it allows people to have an electric car without any of the long-distance drawbacks.

More details

Unlike the i3 and i8, which are both using bespoke carbon-fiber platforms, the i7 is expected to use their CLAR Architecture. This has been seen in the 7-Series and it will eventually underpin most of their cars. This uses an extensive amount of aluminum with some composite parts. The end result is great structural rigidity and a rather inexpensive design.

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