Fake News

News, to me, is images of seven year old me with my dad, sitting on the couches of our living room-a man with slick gray hair reciting recent events, my sitting wide-eyed and intrigued, both with the words spewing out of his mouth and my father’s disregard to all of it- is what comes to mind. For others, the word “news” can range from anything between reliable to disreputable, from resourceful to incompetent, from “enlightening” to “confusing.” While the concrete definition is known as “broadcasted, recent and noteworthy events,” the definition varies for everyone. And although it does, I’ve come to find that reliability is a commonly shared expectation amongst most people, yet according to the article “Many Americans Believe Fake News Is Sowing Confusion,” it states otherwise.

The article above states first and foremost, that it is believed that many news articles are fake. Not only that, but the unreliability of these articles has stemmed “a great deal of confusion” throughout America; precisely sixty-four percent of the population. The article continues to explain the capability of recognizing such news (the majority was said to be “somewhat confident,”), public responsibility, amongst other statistics.

I compared my class’s survey versus the article: where the belief of the government’s responsibility differs in the sense that the class believes it’s only somewhat responsible, the article believes it is a great deal. Both the class and the people from the article believe that they are both somewhat capable in recognizing fake news articles. Fake news articles, I believe, could be more easily recognized through a handful of ways: if there are no other reputable news sources writing about the same story, if the website carries a disclaimer, if the source seems unreliable to begin with, if it is a website with an odd domain name, and if the facts are checked and do not match up with the source.

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