Post 5: College Students and Apathy

In regards to students, I think that there is a very fine line between apathy and priority. Another thing is, I think that college students, often times, don’t know what they should and should not be prioritizing. They’re young, new to the “real world”, and naive. While politics and the world around us and the effects the world has on us is, or should be, virtually our main concern- college students are busy cramming in last minute assignments, essay deadlines, and exam reviews. I don’t think it’s because they don’t care; I think it’s because they are convinced that they don’t have the time to care. College students seem to have the “I’ll worry about that later” mentality, because they are convinced that they will.

Another thing is, I believe that students are oblivious to the fact they they could potentially come off as “apathetic.” Again, they’re usually more concerned with their priorities than their impressions. I think that a good first step in terms of a curiosity campaign would be to bring it to light. Although this is vague, it should be something attention grabbing, vibrant, loud- otherwise, it would go right past our heads.

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