When you think “bottom lane carry”, Marksman champions still pop up in your head first. When you think “Marksman champion”, you think Vayne. So here’s a Vayne guide.


Vayne is a high skill-cap champion that is extremely demanding of your mechanics. Vayne’srange of 550 is above average. The problem is that Varus, Ashe, Caitlyn, Tristana, Jinx, Kog’Maw, and Twitch can shoot farther than that — either in the beginning or later due to upgraded abilities.

Vayne’s skill-set also requires good proficiency in kiting and canceling AA. …

In mere three weeks, Teamfight Tactics has taken over the world. It got extremely popular among streamers and crushed League of Legends several times. Here’s what we learned over the past days.

The hype is real

As a League of Legends mode, Teamfight Tactics first appeared on the game’s Public Beta Environment on June 18. Unlike regular realms, PBE features just one server located in North America. Generally, people are not that interested in playing there: you can’t transfer any rewards or stats. …

Qiyana’s release on June 26 went very quiet, as most players have their eyes on Teamfight Tactics. However, every new champion is a reason to feat for your League Points — and also a way to earn them. Here’s your short introduction to the new character.

Qiyana is a melee assassin. Her abilities scale off Attack Damage, and the numbers are really generous. The highest percentage comes from Q, Edge of Ixtal: extra wall damage is increased by 144%.

Just like any proper assassin, she has a gap closer (even two!). E, Audacity, makes her jump towards a target. The…

Less than 24 hours ago, Riot Games started a public beta of the new League of Legends product — Teamfight Tactics. The Twitch viewership peaked at more than 300,000 people. Although we’ve seen harsher falls from streaming grace, TT definitely deserves some spotlight.

Is it a new game?

Yes and no. Teamfight Tactics is a game mode within League of Legends. Just like the vanilla game, it’s free-to-play. There’s no separate client for the new addition: you download the LoL client and are good to go. Well, more like download the PBE client, since TT is yet to release.

However, Teamfight Tactics differs from the…

Whether playing for fun or climbing, you have to avoid burnout. External factors like unruly teammates contribute to it, but the main cause is your attitude. Here’s what you should ask yourself every game to see whether you’re on the right track.

So you want to play some Flex with friends, but it’s hard to get on the same page for picks. And you also need to overcome the skill gap. Here are a few suggestions to stop worrying and start winning in group Ranked.

Protect the Carry

Master Yi’s stats are polarizing as ever: he wins 47.4% of the time in Diamond, but the Bronze win rate is 52.1%. This is the difference between the 32nd and 8th best performing Jungler. Let’s analyze what makes the ninja crumble against the big boys.

Counter Jungling

Junglers in lower Elo are your typical self-absorbed teenagers. They don’t pay much attention to anything but what’s in their immediate area. If you provoke one, they charge at you without putting much thought into it. I mean, it’s rare to see a Bronze jungle player venture into the enemy territory.

High-ranked players are different…

Hi everyone, and welcome to Nemo.gg Medium page. Here’s what you are dying to know.

Who are we?

We are the people behind Nemo, a League of Legends in-client tool that helps you make educated choices. Instead of throwing guesses based on skewed win/loss stats, Captain Nemo tells you how to get ahead in the lane. After all, he has been to the depths of 20,000 leagues and back.

Nemo checks how your champion pool works with ally picks to secure the perfect synergy. We also have the stats to make you ban the right champion and counter pick. …


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