Workers Are Literally Dying to Build American Warships
War Is Boring

Another boring article. Ship building is dangerous. Construction of any kind can be very dangerous. How many crane and scaffolding collapses have there been in NYC in the past couple of years and how many deaths?

OSHA is the agency tasked with this safety. Obama’s executive order obviously did little to improve this, but the writer, none too subtly, tries to pin blame on the incoming Trump administration when all the current contracts for building were issued under the Obama administration.

When a spokesman said, “We are not the overlords of private shipyards when it comes to workplace safety,” they were absolutely correct. When I build a house, am I responsible for the safety procedures the contractor puts in place to build the house? No. That is up to the contractor to follow safety rules. If I buy a car from GM, am I responsible for the safety in the factory. Again, the obvious answer is, “NO”.

I really wish your writer would get their collective liberal heads out of their butts and just report, rather than try to create a spin.

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