Trump’s Foreign Policy Puts America Third
War Is Boring

Wow. This site could truly be called “Left wing whining is boring”. And, really? To end your piece with what you feel TRULY represents “America Third Policy”, “Most important of all, the abandonment of U.S. leadership in the struggle to slow global warming will mean both the surrender of technological preeminence in the fields most likely to dominate the world economy…” really sums up your full position.

While, for me, the jury is out on Trump and Foreign Policy (hey, he’s only be in office less than a month), I truly feel the so-called “world-order” needs to be shaken up. The US Foreign Policy under Obama was an unmitigated disaster, right out the gate with the so-called Apology Tour. With Obama, we’ve seen the diminishment of our armed forces, bolder adversaries around the work, a burgeoning world of Islamic extremism and an emboldened (and more likely future nuclear) Iran. We’ve seen the Middle East blow up even more under Obama, as well as our consulate in Benghazi burned and Ambassador killed. I don’t see one arena of foreign policy where Obama excelled and many where he failed. You say ”…it’s likely that American influence in such areas as Eastern Europe and South Asia will diminish…”, and in fact, we are already diminished in much of the world as a result of eight years of failed foreign policies.

Now, you see fit to criticize a President in power for less than a month. Mighty brave of you. Mighty brave.