Why You Must Use Opera Max

Image from opera.com

Get Opera Max! It will save you data from the “stealing” networks. Opera Max indicates to you approximately how much data you have consumed. With this, you are able to monitor browsing habits and it can serve as an evidence toolbox.

The app monitors all data requests and downloads from apps on your mobile. It also compresses the data to reduce download time. The data compression technology employed is also embedded into Opera Mini and Opera for Android. Browsers like Google Chrome suck data like a vampire. Mozilla Firefox for Android is also guilty in that regard. Opera Max can keep them in check.

Recently, Opera included a feature whereby you receive notification when you have an app consuming data heavily in the background.

“When an app uses more than 10MB of data in the background during the course of a week, the app will alert you to the culprit with a notification. That message also includes the ability to immediately block the app from continuing to do so. You can also expect a notification when Opera Max picks up on “heavy, rapid” background data use.”
— Engadget
Image from Engadget

In my opinion, Opera Max is the best mobile data compression app. Give it a try! :-)

I only wish they had the iOS version available. Sorry iPhone fans :(

NOTE: Opera Max doesn’t compress encrypted data. So, if you have enabled “Secured Browsing” on Facebook or Twitter,data will not not compressed.