Develop technology block technology TOKENBOX [TBX]

TOKENBOX Block Chain Technology Development and Encryption The rapid growth of the currency market,
there is a consistent opportunity in the new area. Investation. Traditional economic change changes its shape, new value. In the digital world “takes place and plays an important role in this process, with distributed technology Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens play an important role, more and more, they are” crypto or digital assets “.

Experts in the password market (portfolio managers and merchants) are often not open.
Potential investors are technology customers (software) who are afraid of regulatory influences and who have the most effective fund management and interaction with them.
That’s why I developed the concept platform Tokenbox platform concept combines investors on the one hand, currency currency funds for professional managers, and other merchants.

TBX is a token utility that provides access to platform services. A fund manager or trader who wants to run his own funds on the platform gets a TBX token and stores it on the platform. Funds in the TBX format are placed in a portfolio of funds or merchants and are very valuable in portfolios like other assets. Your portfolio’s TBX share must be at least 5%.

Smart Contra Etherum

Only ETH addresses are allowed After distributing tokens to this address, you will receive a TBX mark. You will not receive TBX unless you use an exchange or online service address. If you do not have an ETH address, we recommend creating an address in MyEtherWallet:

The Ethereum platform lets you create and use smart contracts and create and use smart contracts: Tokens (keyword assets). Smart contract is a program placed in detachment, Make sure the transfer of valuables. This contract package is issued as a token that can be generated with the help of certain software codes, and attributes that you and others need. Your own token (keyword assets) can be publicly launched and can be an exciting investment opportunity.

It is important to note that Blockchain technology requires a variety of technologies from users: general computer literacy, information security, investment principles. It was created by Crypto Market infrastructure and provided various services (exchange, media, consultants, etc.) and also fragmented. Expert Knowledge Expert Encryption is essential for developing and developing the following infrastructure: Potential investors and users can be trusted.

Tokenbox ecosystem

Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that collects managed password funds.
Professional portfolio managers, traders and investors should have access to the best strategy to manage funds in the Crypto market, ensuring a high level of security.

Portfolio managers and merchant teams (including professionals) must accept off-the-shelf “box” solutions to create their token funds and must provide technically, transparent and technical solutions. Through a fund management process and a technically friendly and safe way, investors can choose from a variety of funds, both legal and audited.

Tokenbox Manager and Trader

. — Communicating with Tokenbox sites in the relevant Tokenbox legislative store is
the “umbrella” platform that hosts and legitimately provides funds and traders in a market format. Integrated functionality to create funds to facilitate token publishing. And provide legal efficiency for traders.
  • KYC / AML. Tokenbox performs or regulates KYC / AML for investors on behalf of the Fund, including the placement and use of the required data validation system as well as the merchant.
- Agreement of joint management with investors based on a wise basis.
The merchant decided to launch a fund called “Mark & ​​Robert Coin Fund”.
In this case, we issued the ERC-20 standard to create a smart contract for the fund.
Ethereal Platform. The merchant decides that the token must have an “MRCF” quote, which is an analogue of the fund, and its value depends on profitability.
  • Number of investors and number of tokens purchased as well as the dynamics of changes in portfolio valuations. Investors can purchase MRCF tokens, store them, transfer them and present them to maturity. Access to token is also available. Organized Markets — Exchange.
- Access to internal and external liquidity. The use of internal fluidity makes it easy to:Reduced transaction costs. If you need to do something else, you have to do it separately: You do not have to pay assets, funds and merchants to pay a deposit or fee You can withdraw funds from the platform’s internal account to an external trading platform, Will be charged to third-party services.

Improve security. The use of internal liquidity minimizes the amount of cryptography
Temporary managed assets by external services (exchanges) Reduces technology and delays while operating locking networks during the risk period.

External Liquidity is provided through access to organized markets (exchanges),
corporate accounts are available as a result of the fund consolidation function,
increasing trade limits.

Tokenbox’s future technology infrastructure has
developed and used actively by The Token Fund. It has several
key module:

• Smart contracts for the tokenisasi funds;
• Funds to be paid to investment receipts and investors; a system that calculates and controls the value of a fund token.
• A parser that controls the volume of an encryption asset on the balance sheet, following market value.
• Individual profitability calculation system for each fund customer.
Wallet for storing ETH and standard tokens ERC-20.

Our road map

Token Fund Launched in March 2017 Over 48,000 tokens are sold to hundreds of investors.
May 2017There is a capital of $ 2 million and the result is 300% .Tokenbox Branding and Naming, Technical and Operations Team June 2017White Paper and Development Plan July 2017Committee of Advisors and Marketing Plans August 2017Escrow, TGE pre-marketing September 2017TGE (Crowd) October 2017Listing at October exchange, 2017
Registration and Licensing Trading terminals for fund managers
multi currency KYC Module Payment process for currency calls Q1 2018

Alpha version and beta version of TokenBox platform: — Tokenbox web interface platform
tokenized for money -
- system and backend parsing
Built-in analysis tool
- rating system
- ICO Marketplace
“umbrella funds” self-licensing functions for funds and traders within the platform (sublicense)
- Investment in selected partners (funds and traders)
Q2 2018The launch of the Tokenbox Platform- New partners and investors on the platform

Internal Risk Management System 2018 2018International Risk Management System
- Mobile and Desktop Apps
- Customer Analysis Module
Q4 2018

Distribution of funds collected during TGE

TGE does not attract more than 20 million USD of investor funds.

Investment to connect the first fund manager and establishment of a reserve fund Up to $ 6 million in funds will be sent to:
Initial investment for funds selected by Tokenbox team. This money (merchant) is a room. The fund is a risk associated with the characteristics of the strategy adopted. We plan to select up to 10 funds. This investment is also required to attract the marketing costs of the Tokenbox Platform professional management Partners. The first funding for organizational organizations and launch platforms is growing rapidly and the development of Tokenbox’s first partner user community (funds and merchants) (Alpha Version).

backend development
, intelligent combat contracts, webinterface platforms, transaction terminals, mobile and desktop applications.
15% Attracting investors
and funds to your site.
Includes 20% research fee
teams and projects

the right company registration and permissions.
The amount of funds managed by the selected funds will vary depending on the initial fund.
If necessary, use these funds and assets to improve the liquidity of TBX tokens and extend Tokenbox capabilities.

The reserve pool has tokens issued by the selected funds through Tokenbox.
Trading Platforms originally chosen by administrators are expected to generate revenue. For “reservation pool” for alpha platform version. The main purpose of

The reserve pool is to provide commercial support for creating token boxes.

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