Hi guys, i want to discuss a platform which is of great use in the medical sector. This platform utilizes blockchain technology in simplifying Medical records. Simply Vital Health is the name of the project with its upcoming ICO next month 31st october 2017.

What is Simply vital Health?

As said earlier, SimplyVital Health is a health startup service that utilizes blockchain technology to simplify medical records. In elaboration, SimplyVital Health is a blockchain oriented distributed system specifically designed for Healthcare. Existing blockchain distributed systems are not adequate for healthcare, the goal of SimplyVital Health is to create a blockchain system that can pass the security expectations and requirements of healthcare by ensuring better data integrity, encryption, and by providing a validation system to ensure the miners running this network are compliant entities.

SimplyVital Health are powering true care and propelling the healthcare infrastructure forward. With an increasingly connected world and a global shift away from payment based on volume in healthcare, providers and patients are seeking more efficiency in care coordination. When providers work together across clinical boundaries, patient care is better, more streamlined, and less expensive. However, existing soiled infrastructure creates a massive barrier, crippling the providers’ ability to improve care


Health sees historic changes through payment reform. Ineffective co-ordination of care will result in financial penalties for service providers. The provider can not succeed with the existing technology infrastructure. Our platform helps service providers in this new environment.


SimplyVital Health uses a Distributed Hash Table combined with an Ethereum base Blockchain to provide, among many other features, an ability for frictionless data sharing and access to new revenue streams. This is accomplished via an upgrade to data integrity and security system and the addition of an executive governance system for node validation.

Existing platform provides security Their current platform in the market, ConnectingCare, is a realistic, practical utilization of blockchain technology. An intentionally simple introduction of blockchain technology into healthcare, this tool augments their current customers’ infrastructure using existing data to create care pathway flexibility, prospectively track financials, maintain immutable records, and accurately monitor analytics.


Health Nexus propels healthcare infrastructure forward and, through the efficient and trustworthy ledger blockchain provides, empowers providers’ worldwide to transition to value based care regardless of their clinical affiliation. The simplicity of secure data sharing allows a patient’s entire care team, from surgeons to specialists, to coordinate the care every step of the way.

In conclusion, with reference to the aforementioned, of the issue Ineffective co-ordination of care mostly result in financial penalties for service providers will be resolved. Majorly, Simply vital health will bring about effectiveness and co-ordination in the health sector which draws alongside other benefits.


Token name: HLTH token.

HLTH Token Sale Details:

  • Early Bird Bonus: 20%
  • Minimum objective: $500,000 USD
  • Maximum amount: $40,000,000 USD
  • Max HLTH total supply: 200,000,000 HLTH
  • Max HLTH sold by crowdsale: 120,000,000 HLTH

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