12 Signs you Need a Front-End Developer Now!

scott krause
Apr 26 · 2 min read

You need an individual that understands how browsers really work. You need a specialist. You need a FED.

  1. Your dev team still thinks JQuery is “cool” and “easy”.
  2. Your dev team still thinks AJAX is a real thing.
  3. Your website refreshes every time a button is clicked.
  4. Your website looks like a WordPress template.
  5. When you mention service worker your dev team imagines burgers and fries.
  6. When you mention SPA or PWA your dev team awkwardly changes the subject.
  7. Your Google Lighthouse scores are attracting sharks because they’re underwater and bleeding.
  8. You are being sued because your website is unusable by people both with and without disabilities.
  9. Your bounce rate is 98% on the iPhone.
  10. The only way you can find your website on Google is if you search for “broken websites”.
  11. It takes your team six months to convert a UX Sketch into markup and it works as long as you don’t click anything.
  12. You dev team thinks microcopy is a really small font.

News flash, if you are looking for a developer with eight years of Java and eight years of Angular you are woefully misinformed.

Hiring a “UX Designer” is not going to help. Hiring a “Full-Stack” isn’t going to help. Posting a FED job description with “8 years of SQL” only means you are in a state of befuddled denial.

Interview questions to ask a FED (aka Front-end Engineer)

  1. Describe the pros and cons of in-lining an SVG image.
  2. Contrast and compare XHR, Fetch, and Axios.
  3. Contrast and compare Float, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.
  4. When would you use a @supports query?
  5. Describe the VH and VW units.
  6. How would you reference the [data-current-value] attribute in vanilla JavaScript?
  7. Describe intrinsic aspect ratio.
  8. Define Critical CSS.
  9. Under what circumstance do you use an ARIA attribute?
  10. What is a JavaScript closure?
  11. What causes browser re-flow?
  12. What is the WebP format?
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