Relationships in the age of Wearables

All what I am going to say is doable and I am not sure if someone already did that or not but this is how I think about dating in year or two.

I think in couple of years lot of people will start using more and more of the wearable devices that are waiting for us, the good thing about it I think will be the ability to off load your mind to do more meaningful thing but do you know what else can we do with wearables, we can make human happy.

Imagine this scenario, you have your “smart watch”, you decided to use some dating services, and imagine that this dating app has a feature (know me, that try to understand you to get you the best options), the dating app gets access for everything digital but will get one more thing, recording for the sensors you have in your watch and if possible a transcript for the conversation (just put your phone on the table).

The nice thing about human is, we leak a lot and when you have something like smart watch with all this sensor stick to you, the machine can know a lot about you, even your emotional status, simply after couple of times, the system will know what kind of topics you feel ok your date talk about, going forward the system will be smart enough to match you with partner that can make you happy (of course the other side will be happy too)

Sex can be better with Smart Watch, it will be able to sense everything and with the way it collect it can even give you hints while you are in action (for instance it may vibrate for certain situation).

Smart Watch and with the digital wealth of information, ton of things will be doable, machine learning now is on of the hotest topics and it is one of the key ingredients in such service.

I guess it is scary and good but what Google and Apple is doing simply taking people to this world step by step, they don’t rush it because probably people will freakout if they know what can machines do to their life.

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